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Local, National and International Removals

Moving can be a very stressful experience! Here at Ollie’s Removals we aim to take some of that strain.

Whether you are a first-time mover with a handful of items, a large family with all the belongings that come with it or maybe you are packing up from Blighty and heading abroad. Whatever your requirements, Ollie’s Removals can help.

Removals are where our expertise and experience lie, and we are not shy to admit that we are good…VERY good!

We treat you and your belongings with care and respect, and we can take care of any removal needs.

See our helpful guides for further useful information:
Safe Lifting Techniques
Packing Tips

Packing Service

Ollie’s Removals offer a full packing service to ease as much of the stress as we can. We have a bank of packing specialists who have experience in packing everything from clothes to plates, to books and beyond. What’s more, Ollie’s Removals insist that your belongings are treated with the utmost respect and care.

Packing Materials

Gone are the days that you can visit your local supermarket and collect all of their old boxes. More often than not, supermarkets compact their boxes and packaging ready for recycling or disposal.

The solution can be trawling round every newsagent and smaller shop in your town or city, and coming home with a range of soggy and damaged boxes in all different shapes and sizes – most of them not really suitable for the job.

Ollie’s Removals can supply any size and shape of box including boxes designed especially for hanging clothes complete with a clothes rail inside! We can also supply bubble wrap, parcel tape, furniture covers and much, much more! We can deliver these to you at your home, work or any other convenient location in advance of your move so you have plenty of time to pack.

House Clearance

There can be many reasons why you need a house clearance service from Ollie’s Removals.

• Tenants or previous occupants leaving suddenly
• A death in the family, or someone moving into sheltered accommodation
• Moving abroad

Whatever your needs, you can be sure that Ollie’s Removals will act with respect and understanding.

Our fully licensed refuse contractors can remove any waste products in accordance with government legislation. We can also arrange for furniture to be collected by local charities if requested.

Waste Clearance

When you can’t take everything with you, turn to Ollie’s Removals for help. As fully licensed waste carriers, we are registered to take any excess items and dispose of them in the appropriate way. Any salvageable items are often passed on to charitable causes.

Storage Solutions

Going abroad for a while? In between houses? There can be many reasons why you need to put your belongings in to storage and Ollie’s Removals can arrange this as a temporary or longer term solution.

Ollie’s Removals have access to some of the most secure storage facilities in Brighton and Sussex. Whether you need to store a few personal possessions or enough room to store a house-full, Ollie’s Removals will take care of all of the arrangements right through from selecting the perfect size unit to moving your belongings in. We can pick up the keys to your house, and return later the same day with the job done!

It can be difficult to decide how large a storage unit to hire. This can lead to wasting money by selecting a unit too large for your needs, or facing an unexpected and costly upgrade.

Ollie’s Removals can happily arrange storage for you to remove this risk, however we have compiled this helpful guide should you wish to make your own arrangements – Storage Unit Size Guide